Q. Where are you based?

A. We work from our home office in Whangārei, with clients from Auckland and Northland.

Q. Are you virtual assistants?

A. We don't think so. Another term that's popular these days is "bolt-on office support"..  which is closer to what we provide.

Yes - We mostly work remotely from our office, for you. We love the flexibility of working from home, BUT we also love getting to meet with our clients. We've travelled from Cape Reinga to South Auckland for a cuppa and a chat.

Q. Are you an accountant?

A. No, but we do all the prep work so your financial records are all in order FOR your accountant to do your tax return. 

We can do your GST returns though and help with reporting and budgeting.

Q. What bookkeeping software do you use?

A. Xero. It's really easy to manage. We can do everything from signing you up, payroll, to training you or your team to use it.. and then when you are ready, let you fly on your own, if thats what you want.

Why you'll love xero.pdf

Q. Why should I pay you to do the bookkeeping if I can do it?

A. As your business grows, so does the amount of day to day admin- bank reconciliations, invoice chasing. Left unchecked at tax time, or GST time, you will be spending a lot of effort to get it in order, or paying your accountant more to decipher it. 

It's equally handy if you are just starting out, and are still getting your head around everything.

Q. Why do you list a per hour fee?

A. We don't lock you into a contract - so if you only need help casually, that's fine, or you only want training so you can do it for yourself... then we can do that too .. and it's why we list our per hour costs on our website.

Plus its so frustrating when you are searching for help - but people then don't tell you costs and you have to then contact them. I like to put everything out there, then let you decide.

Q. How do I know how much it will be every month? Do you have a set month or year fee to help me budget?

A. We list our per hour fee and a guide line for approximate hours on our services pages. 

Every client is different and their needs will change, so once you get in touch we can work through and give you a tailored quote/ or put together an option that works to the budget you have.

We can offer set fees for our regular clients, and once you have been with us for a few months and we are familiar with your business needs, we'd be thrilled to review and discuss a plan with you if thats what you want.