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Let us manage the financial admin, and put your accounts in order!

Perfect for those just starting out and not sure of what to do, or those that have had their business grow and now need a hand with all the admin.

We utilise all the tips and tricks Xero has to offer, to keep your accounts tidy and up-to-date for you.

If you need to set up a new Xero account, we can do that too - click here.

How it works

Your business is unique and we can learn a lot from the books you keep.  

Our approach is to understand: 

Step 1: Familiarise ourselves with your books

Approximately 1-2 hours (if no clean-up is required)

Clean up - if required will be additional hours based on what is needed.

Includes tidy up of contacts, chart of accounts, clear reconciliations and invoices, and set up repeating invoices/bills or bank rules as required.

Step 2: Maintain Books (Regular Bookkeeping)

Ranges from 1 hour to 5 hours per week (depends on your transactions)

Once the books are established and tidy, we maintain them and report monthly on how the business finances look.  Tasks are:

Bookkeeping Fee:
$60 + GST per hour*

Additional options:

GST Returns

$90 + GST per return


$90 + GST per payrun per 5 employee

Xero Training

Learn how to use Xero, the way you need to. 

We'll go through what you need and none of what you don't, to get you up and running. 

$90 + GST per hour

*All prices exclude GST.

Payment options can be arranged, please ask before signing up for the service.

Tautraxx Earthmovers Limited

Family owned and operated local excavation business based in Omapere, South Hokianga. 

Kelly Trebilco

Jan 2023

Client testimonial - Tautraxx Earthmovers Limited

As a full time mother of 5 tamariki, a full time teacher, and a book keeper for our small excavation business in Northland, I needed some assistance on how to better manage the business so that I was not forgetting to spend time with my tamariki.  i needed help with how to better use Xero and all the systems that go along with it.  Amiria and her team were able to firstly have a look through our Xero account and see where improvements were needed, they then met online with me to talk and find out the things that I needed most help with.  They then developed a plan of attack to help me gain a better understanding of the areas I was struggling with.

Amiria and I met online for 4 sessions, where she was able to show me a range of different things on Xero - How to set up bills, how to read and understand the reports tab on Xero, how to set reminders for invoices that were overdue, how to remove and redo things that needed to be altered after the fact and much more. Amiria was so easy to talk with and to understand, she was patient with me and often went over some things several times so that I was able to understand as well as demonstrate my understanding of the tasks.

I highly recommend Amiria Ltd to business' who are new to systems such as Xero.  Get in touch with Amiria and her team to help show you the ropes and set some solid foundations for your business.  Book keeping is not my profession but it is a good skill for anyone to have so that you can understand the ins and outs of business and accounting systems.  Amiria and her team will set goals and ensure that these are achieved to the highest standard.  I am so happy to see these wahine Māori taking charge and putting themselves out there to help other Māori owned an operated business', their skills and knowledge are an asset to us as Māori people.  Inā te mahi he rangatira - By his deeds a cheif is known. 

Again, thank you for all that you have done for our little business in the North, we appreciate your mahi and wish you all the very best for the future.