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Software Set up / Training

Google Drive. Xero. Slack.  This day and age calls for technology and automation in order to work smarter and keep competitive in your industry.

We have experience setting up and training people to use a variety of systems or apps to help with your business day-to-day.

Still working out your processes?  We can help with that!  Ask us about Process Writing

How it works

Every business is unique. Every persons learning style is different. So our approach is to get to know you, and by learning about your business, your goals and what is most important to you, we can recommend and set up the right system solution for your needs.

There are 2 ways to tackle this....

Option 1: I don't know what I need...

We will help you figure it out!

 To do this we will discuss with you:

 Option 2: I know what I want, help me set it up!

We will ask you to share your plans with us and determine how far along you are, and where we need to pick up from.

Next Step

Once we have agreed on the systems or apps to set up for your business, then we can get stuck in doing things such as:

Software Set Up / Training Fee:
$90 + GST per hour*

bookkeeping  |  process writing  |  software set up / training   |  project management & support

*All prices exclude GST.

Payment options can be arranged, please ask before signing up for the service.